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—-iFUZZY 2020 Call For Papers—-


2020 International Conference on Fuzzy Theory and Its Applications (iFUZZY 2020) will be held in the Bo-Ai Campus of National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan, on

November 4-7, 2020.

iFUZZY 2020 is soliciting novel research results on fuzzy theory and its applications and related topics. Jointly organized by Taiwan Fuzzy Systems Association (TFSA) and Chiaotung University, this conference provides a very good opportunity for research scientists, investigators, industrial practitioners and government representatives to present their results and to exchange their ideas.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Fuzzy Theory
Fuzzy Logic Systems
Fuzzy Mathematics
Fuzzy Control and Robotics
Fuzzy Modeling
Fuzzy Business Intelligence
Fuzzy Classification and Clustering
Fuzzy Applications in Data Mining and Big Data Analysis
Fuzzy Applications in Hybrid Systems, Modeling and Simulation
Fuzzy Applications in Industry 4.0
Fuzzy Applications in Internet of Things
Fuzzy Applications in Rehabilitation Engineering
Fuzzy Applications in Smart Car
Fuzzy Applications in Vision and Sensors

Artificial Intelligence
Computing with Words
Deep Learning
Evolutionary Computation and Optimization
Intelligent Identification and Estimation
Intelligent Information Fusion
Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
Intelligent System and Signal
Machine Learning
Neural Fuzzy Systems
Soft Computing Applications
Type-2 Fuzzy Logic System
Important Dates

Submission of contributed papers due July 15, 2020
Proposals and extended abstracts of organized sessions July 15, 2020
Notification of acceptance September 15, 2020
Final papers due on September 30, 2020





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發文日期:中華民國 109年 6 月 24 日
發文字號:(109)模字第 0007 號
附 件:中華民國模糊學會博碩士論文獎申請辦法、中華民國模糊學會博碩士論文獎申請表
主 旨: 公告受理申請109年度博碩士論文獎之起訖時間及相關規定。
依 據:本會博碩士論文獎申請辦法。
一、 本會 109年度博碩士論文獎自即日起開始接受申請,至本(109) 年 8 月 31 日(含)截止收件(以 E-mail 送件日期為準),逾期未送 達者,恕不受理。
二、申請人須同時將論文投稿至本年度『模糊理論及其應用會議』並完 成註冊繳費,否則視為申請文件不齊不予受理。
三、所有資料請以電子檔(pdf.格式) mail 至中華民國模糊學會秘書處ijfs2015@gmail.com羅秘書收,檔案大小以 30MB 為限, 若超過請燒錄成光碟寄至本會。
地址:63201 雲林縣虎尾鎮文化路64號
國立虎尾科技大學 資訊工程系






地址:63201 雲林縣虎尾鎮文化路64號
國立虎尾科技大學 資訊工程系。




研討會訊息:International Conference on ITS Telecommunications, Nov. 5-8, 2012

12th International Conference on ITS Telecommunications (ITST-2012)
Taipei, Taiwan

November 5 – 8, 2012


Current Highlights:

  • Technical co-sponsorship by IEEE ComSoc has been approved.
  • Technical co-sponsorship by IEICE-CS has been approved.
  • Technical co-sponsorship by IET has been approved.
  • Technical co-sponsorship by Technical Committee on ITS of Engineering Sciences Society (ESS),
    The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineering (IEICE)
  • 20 papers will be selected to win Best Paper Awards of ITST 2012
    and to peer-review rounds for possible inclusion in the IET ITS
    (approved by EiC of IET ITS: Alan Stevens).
  • Several papers will be invited to further review rounds for possible inclusion in IEEE ITS Magazine
    (approved by IEEE ITSS President: Alberto Broggi).
  • Keynote Speaker: Dr. Adam Drobot, former President of Advanced Technology Solutions/Telcordia, CTO for Telcordia
    Topic: ITS Telecommunications: .Car .Road .Net
  • Keynote Speaker: Prof. Hanna Bogucka
    Topic: Holistic Approach to Future Green Mobile Communications.
  • Keynote Speaker: Dr. Michele Fiorini, IET Italy Chairman & Principal Engineer
    Topic: The Titanic’s Myth – A Century of Legend and Technology
  • Keynote Speaker: Prof. Alberto Broggi, President (2010-2011), IEEE ITS Society
    Topic: Driverless Vehicles: Challenges and Future

Wireless communication for intelligent transportation systems (ITS) is a promising technology to
improve safety and security for all transport modes, to reduce traffic congestion, to optimize
the use of existing infrastructures (road, rail maritime, fluvial) and support information services
in vehicles with the general purpose of reducing the impact of transport on the environment. The
development of sustainable mobility is a key challenge for the development of urban areas. A new
era of vehicular technology that includes vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure
(V2I) communication is already there in the public transport domain and this should be generalized.
This era will be driven by both (pre-competitive) public-sector and private-sector funding. Safety-
related applications are not only taken into consideration, but non-safety multimedia content
providers are also becoming a new topic of research. Key players in the industry, such as automotive
companies, public transport operators, railway industries and government agencies, are investing
heavily in the advanced research and development of many ITS technologies and applications. This
research effort primarily focuses on the system development and standardization of telematics.
During recent ITS developments, transportation telematics techniques have exhibited much progress,
e.g., interaction between vehicles and the infrastructure for delivering services such as road-side
assistance, automatic crash notification, concierge assistance and vehicle condition reports. These
progresses are also really important in the public transport domain (buses, metro, trains, tramways)
for which V2V and V2I for safety and non safety applications are a key component for the exploitation
but also for reducing energy consumption. A number of IEEE 802.11p-like equipment prototypes have been
built, and several technical reports based on field trials have demonstrated the lack of cutting-edge
techniques to improve system performance. Furthermore, all these applications require accurate and
reliable positioning using GNSS solutions alone or enhanced with map-matching and sensors fusion.
Technology and applications for ITS and telematics design are rapidly emerging, and there is a critical
need to bring together professional researchers, intelligent engineers, academia, industry, standard
committees, the private sector and the public sector to exchange new ideas. This conference aims to
spur research progress by serving as a forum in which both academia and industry can share experiences
and report original work regarding all aspects of vehicular communication, e.g., Vehicular Ad hoc Networks
(VANETs), cooperative systems, information dissemination, road and rail safety, information and emergency
services, etc. Our primary goal is to promote meaningful research in the cross-layered design of
architectures, algorithms and applications for vehicular communication environments in all transport modes.

Topics of Interest:

Four tracks will be emphasized in ITST-2012 (but not limited on):

Track1: Smart Vehicle
‧ Video/Audio signal processing for driver-assistance systems
‧ In-vehicle communications/telematics
‧ Analog/Digital circuit design for in-car smart systems
‧ SoC architecture/platform for smart vehicle systems
‧ Green design techniques for ITS
‧ Security and privacy in vehicular networks
‧ Field operational tests and testbeds for smart vehicular
‧ Vehicle collision avoidance
‧ Sensors and actuators

Track2: Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
‧ Data-collection, organization and dissemination methods
‧ New ITS/Telematics applications
‧ Ongoing ITS/Telematics activities

Track3: Telecommunications and Positioning
‧ V2V, V2I and V2X communications
‧ Network protocols including MAC, routing, addressing, multicast, TCP protocols and end-to-end
quality of service, resource management, security and privacy
‧ Design with multiple wireless data links (802.11p, 802.11x, WiMAX, WiFi, cell phone, LTE-A, GPS)
‧ Mobility or handover technology
‧ System-level, board-level and chip-level electronics
‧ PHY issues: channel measurements, channel modeling, channel estimation, antenna arrangement,
pilot arrangement, etc.
‧ Physical layer and antenna technologies for vehicular networks
‧ RF propagation models for vehicular networks
‧ Radio resource management for vehicular networks
‧ GPS, GALILEO and terrestrial solutions for accurate and reliable positioning of vehicles

Track4: Green Life Toward Blue Planet
‧ Field operational tests and testbeds for vehicular networks
‧ Assessment of impact of vehicular networks on transportation efficiency and safety
‧ Emission modeling and environmental impact assessment
‧ Regional requirements and their consequences
‧ Interference-Management and Spectrally-Efficient Technologies
‧ Resource-Efficient Networking Technology and Application Design
‧ Cross-Layer Design/Optimization and Green Transceiver Design
‧ Novel technologies to reduce human electromagnetic exposure and electromagnetic pollution

Some papers will be nominated by the International Advisory Board for the “Best Paper Award.”
To enhance the scientific quality of this event, the conference Organizing Committee has entered
into an agreement with the Editor-in-Chief (Dr. Alan Stevens) and the publishing office of
IET Intelligent Transport Systems (IET ITS), which is an SCI-E (ISI) and EI indexed peer-reviewed
journal. See: http://www.ietdl.org/IP-ITS. Shortly after the close of ITST-2012, authors of papers
that are considered suitable for expansion and consideration for a Conference Special Issue will
receive a formal invitation to submit an updated and enhanced paper. Papers will go through the
journal’s standard peer-review process and, if accepted for publication, will be indexed in the
citations databases. This Special Issue will appear as a (hardcopy) publication in June 2014 with
accepted papers available on-line in March 2014.

Important Dates

Manuscript Submission Due: May 31, 2012
Final Acceptance notification: July 31, 2012
Final Manuscript Due: August 31, 2012
Early Registration: August 31, 2012