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Call For Papers * SIRCon2011, International Conference of Service and Interactive Robots*

SIRCon2011 International Conferences 

中華民國第十九屆模糊理論及其應用研討會-call for paper

中華民國第十九屆模糊理論及其應用研討會-call for paper










HIS 2011 - Second Call for Papers

***     HIS 2011 - Second Call for Papers     ***

11th International Conference on Hybrid Intelligent Systems (HIS'11)
Melaka, Malaysia
December 5-8, 2011

WWW: (mirror site)

IEEE GrC 2011-Call for Papers

The 2011 IEEE International Conference on Granular Computing
November 8-10 Kaohsiung, Taiwan National University of Kaohsiung

ACIIDS 2012-Call for Papers

The 4th Asian Conference on Intelligent Information
and Database Systems – ACIIDS 2012
March 19 ~ 21, 2012, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

恭賀本會監事 陳錫明教授榮獲2011年 IFSA Fellow

各位模糊學會會員 您好

"恭賀本會監事 陳錫明教授榮獲2011年 IFSA Fellow"


中華民國模糊學會 敬賀

IEEE CIS YouTube Competition

Dear CIS members:

Do you want the opportunity to win one of three substantial cash prizes worth  a total of $6000? If so, we invite you to produce a Youtube Video that can  vividly show and explain the concepts behind one of the most popular computational intelligence technologies—fuzzy logic—and its applications to an audience of high school students and the public in general, with limited mathematical background. To learn more, go to the following CIS URL:

「第一屆網路智能與應用研討會」(NCWIA2011 )徵稿


FUZZ-IEEE 2011: Workshop on "Hybrid Computational Intelligence" (deadline extended)

Workshop on Hybrid Computational Intelligence 

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