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Workshop on Fuzzy Control

 Workshop on Fuzzy Control

29th November 2014 (Kaohsiung)

National Sun Yat-Sen University  

電資大樓 6011,  9:20~12:40

30th November 2014 (Taipei)

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology 

RB 102, 13:50~17:10


Different from other traditional research disciplines, the research of fuzzy control is stemmed in the early 80s from applications instead of from theoretical development. Fuzzy control has become a practice alternative for numerous challenging control applications because it can provide ways of constructing nonlinear controllers with the use of heuristic information or some intelligent means. In recent years, the research of fuzzy control has been extensively explored and has gained a variety of achievements in the theoretical aspect. In this workshop, we invite three well-known researchers to talk about the recent development in fuzzy control. It is a rare case to have them together to discuss this topic in deep. We hope you can come and enjoy this wonderful workshop.



  • Dr. Kazuo Tanaka, FIEEE

    Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Intelligent Systems, University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, Japan 

  • Dr. Peng Shi

    Professor , School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Adelaide,  Australia

  • Dr. Hak Keung Lam

    Reader, Department of Informatics, King's College London, United Kingdom.



Registration fee: 800 NTD (including class note and coffee breaks)  



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